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Making use of the space available: Interior Designing

By on May 29, 2016

Interior décor is something that most people love to be a part of, whether it is to pick out fabrics, furniture or refurbishing the whole area. The trend has become such that interior decorating has extended to not only our homes but to our personal work space at office. Identifying the best arrangements to suit your lifestyle and purpose is essential. Correct use of space will help make even the most challenging spaces seem workable. A few factors to consider are:


Space needs

List out the functional use of spaces that you will need at your home and estimate an approximate area for each. Keeping in mind the number of people who will occupy the room at any given time or the size of the furniture matters.


Space relationship

Once the basic sizing for each space is determined, the figure out what spaces need to be next to each other and complements well. This kind of space is called an adjacency. For example, it would be more sensible and obvious to place the dining room next to the kitchen for easy access. Or a mini bar area next to the dining table as a form of entertaining guests. All of these depend on personal preferences and lifestyles.


Existing conditions
Remodelling and redecorating projects usually do not start from scratch so the space planning will essentially take place with an existing model. Doors, windows, stairways and walk ways for people to move come in to consideration and ideas should be moulded accordingly. This includes plumbing lines, gas and sewage lines so that additional costs can be minimized and adjacencies can be planned efficiently.

Furniture grouping

Furniture grouping consists of grouping complimentary furniture sets to the spaces, for example; in a bedroom, the bed, a dresser wardrobe and nightstand would make up a group for that particular room. It is also important to understand the placement and orientation of each furniture piece in relation to each other to encourage interaction and proper use of space.


Sketching out ideas

Bubble diagramming; a method used by most interior decorators is a simple way to start space planning once the above steps of figuring the size requirements and adjacencies are determined. Drawing out multiple sizes of bubbles representing rooms and furniture will help you give a rough but clear idea of how a room will look. Software and online options are available in plenty now and these can help you get started planning space as well. Otherwise, architects or interior designers can be hired to create the drawings to scale.


Six ways to add entertainment to your life

By on May 2, 2016

An entertainment lifestyle is a necessary aspect in a human being’s life span. It is essential in order to keep ourselves from getting bored from repetition of the mundane day to day activities as well as in maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle. Here are a few ways in which one can bring in some excitement and entertainment as part of your lifestyle.


Taking part in some form of physical activity such as badminton, cycling or jogging can be a great stress reliever as well as an entertaining factor. This would induce the “feel good” hormone dopamine that would leave you in high spirits after a tiring day at office and also help in keeping your body, mind and soul healthy.

Go on a vacation

Traveling by yourself or with your family and friends can be a great way to add some entertainment to your life. This would show you many different places, people, cultures and lifestyles and help you see the world.

Family time

Spending time with your family can be overlooked after a busy work schedule so consciously planning a day out or intimate dinner with your spouse and children will be a great way of bonding and understanding the value of each other.

Hanging out with friends

A weekly get together of close friends or colleagues for dinner or cocktails will help you socialize and share valuable knowledge and experiences as well as have fun. This type of occasional gathering will help in developing a less stressful lifestyle.

Adopting a hobby

Hobbies can be a great way to change a once boring life in to an exciting one. Taking up activities like painting, dancing or even watching a drama or movie can be an immensely pleasing past time. This would keep your mind off of the monotonous routines of your day to day tasks and make you look forward to what may come next.


As the benefits of yoga are being known to the wider public, more and more people are practicing it and now has become popular among a wide range of audience. Yoga helps the body to relax, be active and the bones and core of the body to be strong. A daily session of yoga every morning will increase the blood flow to your body and help you relax and help you face the rest of the day stress free. All age groups can take part in this activity and eating healthy and avoiding oily, unhealthy fast foods will also be an added advantage to maintaining a healthy, simple lifestyle.